Electric platforms (type EП) and tractors (type ET) have been designed for transport and towing of different loads.

The platform trucks are often used in factories, railway stations and airports. Electric trucks on a chasis have a welded frame structure of steel profile bars, reinforced with cross bars, which ensures reliable connection between the separate units and free access to all of them.

The control system is combined with a regulated axle and allows for a minimal inner turning radius, and the best possible manoeuvrability.

The lifting capacity / depending on the modification / varies between 1000 and 3000 kg. The loading platform dimensions /length/width/height/ vary depending on the modification, too: 1650/1050/570, 2150/1300/800 mm.

Own weight / depending on the modification /: from 870 tо 1720 kg.

Outer turning radius / depending on the modification /: 2100 / 2900 mm.

Tyres /pneumatic/ 23х5.

ELECTRIC DUMPERS (EC) have been designed for transportation of bulky loose goods. The metal loading platform is hinged to the chassis/frame and ensures loading/unloading operations on three sides. The load lifting capacity is 2000 kg.

Own weight / depending on the modification /: from 1880 / 1950 kg.

Outer turning radius: 2950 mm.

Tyres /pneumatic/ 23х5.

Main advantages of the series: reliable operation, high passablility, easy loading/unloading, comfortable driver’s seat, easy service and minimal exploitation expenses.

The high operation performance combined with a modern design support the opinion that this brand may become a worthy addition to any warehouse equipment. All the range of Balkancar-Dunav AG is certified by ROSTEST RF.

Warranty: 12 months or 1200 working hours for all its products.

Delivery times: depending on the quantities – from 30 work days.

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