About predtavitelstve

“Polybet-Export“ Ltd is an exclusive representative on the territory of the former USSR for the following Bulgarian companies : “Elhim-Iskra” JSC, a producer of traction batteries, “Viki-B” Ltd, a producer of traction battery chargers, and “Darvid-99” Ltd, which produces electric trucks.

“Elhim-Iskra” JSC was founded in 1960, and since 1962 it has been producing traction batteries. In Moscow, the company is represented by Igor Nikolaevich Paramonov, based in the Industrial Centre of the Republic of Bulgaria, tel. +7 906 087 90 60, + 7 495 726 58 08. For more than 30 years the company has been carrying out sizable sales on the territory of the former USSR.

In 2005 the company started the production of acid traction batteries for railway machinery – locomotives and passenger railway cars. The final trials for their products were conducted in 2005, after which they were sent for analysis to the Russian Railway Research Institute and the Federal Railway Transport Certification Register (FRTCR). In May 2012 “Elhim-Iskra” JSC was granted the respective RC FRT /ССФЖТ/ certificate. Subsequently the company realized the delivery of passenger car equipment such as 56PzS(M)280P, 56Pzs(M)350P, 56PzS(M)385P и 56PzS(M)425P, аs well as 56PzS(В)280P, 56Pzs(В)350P, 56PzS(В)385P и 56PzS(В)425P with flexible and bolt connections. So far hundreds of these sets have been put in exploitation in the Russian Railways. Since 2012 railway car equipment has been delivered to Latvia as well. The company “Primecr” in Riga has retrofitted dozens of passenger railway cars. The locomotive sets are in 4 Volt cells/sections and enjoy a great demand in Russia, and in the last 3 years we have been working with the Latvian Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant (DLRR) and the Latvian Railways. The 64V ТНС450Ah и 96V ТНС450Ah sets have much better technical and price features than their equivalents.

The “Elpusteh” Ltd, the successor of the “INCOMS-RECTIFIERS” JSC, has significantly modernized the traction battery charger production. They have the full range of chargers /transformer and invertor type/ for 24-96 V batteries, from 150 to 1200 Ah, which have successfully been sold on the Russian market for 7 years now.

We look forward to working with you!

Manager: Mladem Momchev (mladen@polybet.bg, +359 897 881 604)